Catherine Gazzoli

Hi. I'm Catherine Gazzoli.

I am a builder, an ideas person, who makes it happen in the healthy food space.

I set up Slow Food UK's not-for-profit and trading arms, and over six years, alongside the grassroots membership, built the organisation to a robust financial position with major commercial partnerships and a strong media presence.

Before this, I created campaigns and programmes for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation and International Fund for Agricultural Development, promoting sustainable livelihoods for farmers. And most recently, I have created a baby food education workshop with the National Childbirth Trust – Baby’s Taste Journey.

I was named by Channel 4’s 4Food as one of “Britain’s most inspiring foodie ladies” and have been profiled by the FT, the Telegraph, the BBC, the Guardian among others.

If you want to get in touch, please email me or follow one of the links below:



Baby's Taste Journey Website